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heres another one

unfortunately, I had to do the test again and I finally got the result i wanted. I had to lie about most of the answers, but i got hinata.

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Test by naruto -

started drawing wht I would look like in the world of naruto. For story reasons, the village hidden in the ether is filled with powerful summoners, with the clan that (technically) rules having the ability to summon what my character calls "pocket monsters" because the summoning scrolls can fit into a normal pocket. my character has a favorite summon called He Who Haunts. He Who Haunts looks like a shiny haunter (blue energy around the hand rather than red) with gaaras eyes (racoon eyes lined with red).

maybe if some people will comment, I might detail the story about the allinace between the villages hidden in the leaves and the village hidden in the ether. particularly the alliance between hinata and my character ;)
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