Selene Knight (knightsaline) wrote,
Selene Knight

things my ebberon party cannot do -SHORT-

2373. The ship is not a Zig, Nor shall it be moved in a manner denoting this.
2374. Being a Ranger and having the power attack feat does not make you a power Ranger.
2375. Even if you have the suit.
2555: Your Warforged ally's name is not Big O, it is not nessecary to scream SHOWTIME! every time he attacks.
2556: Members of House Deneith who take levels in the Renegade Mastermaker prestige class shall not be referred to as Robocop.
2557: This title is reserved for members of the Sharn watch who take them.
2558: It is somehow right and noble to tell the warforged this.
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